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Taste the world’s food at home

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Have you been craving French food but don’t have time to fly to Paris? Consider trying a food subscription service to sample culinary delights from around the world.

I first learned about food subscriptions when searching for holiday gifts for my fiancé, who loves cooking, eating out, and researching chefs, restaurants, and styles of cooking. He makes us great meals at home, and when we are traveling our favorite activity is trying out a famous or obscure restaurant. He loved the gift idea, and I ended up getting to try all the food as well.


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Since we both love traveling, the first subscription I ordered was from Try the World. The company themes their culinary samples around a destination and sends them in a turquoise box, which closely resemble the Tiffany Blue Box. You can receive a new package every two, six or 12 months. Each box includes six to seven items that the company says were chosen by gourmet chefs.

We received three boxes before pausing our service to travel. Since the items are from a distant country they bring the magic of trying new foods abroad to your home. Often the boxes include a sauce or a piece that prompts you to cook a meal you would have never considered otherwise.

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The next subscription we tried was from Mouth. Our friend salivated over the pickle-only subscription, but we opted for a more traditional mix of items and chose the snack box that includes items that “alternate between salty and sweet, then back again,” according to the company. Our favorite things were the cookies, chocolates, and various desserts.

While Mouth isn’t a travel-themed company, the items are usually ones you wouldn’t easily find in a local grocery store. Mouth has a wide choice of subscriptions, including a cocktail hour box and an indie ingredients box.

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If you are looking for a subscription service solely focusing on alcohol, consider Club W, which delivers three wines a month based on your preferences or Craft Beer Club, which specializes in bringing craft beers from across the United States to your home.

What are your favorite foods you’ve eaten abroad? Do you try to remake the dish once you were home? Do you invest in food souvenirs when traveling? Tell us in the comments below.

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