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Orlando International Airport to offer nonstop service to Dubai

On Tuesday, Orlando International Airport officials announced that MCO will start offering daily, nonstop flights to Dubai on Emirates Airlines.

The flights, which are expected to be a massive boom in the Orlando tourism market, will start September 1.

“This is without question the biggest, most significant move forward for our airport and this community,” Greater Orlando Aviation Association Chair Frank Kruppenbacher said.

Kruppenbacher said a Boeing 777 will carry 266 passengers on the 15-hour flight.

The service will also give travelers access to the Emirates network of flights to 80 countries.

“We now will be able to go to Southeast Asia, India. So for business travelers this is a grand slam,” Kruppenbacher said.

Flights are expected to run about $990 for a round-trip coach ticket, $4,990 for business class and $9,990 for one of the eight private first class suites.

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