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Where to stay: Carmel by the Sea

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After exploring Monterey and hiking through Big Sur, rest your sleepy bones at one of the charming cottages in Carmel by the Sea, also known as Carmel.

This adorable town that was founded in 1902 is famous for its artistic history, which extends to politics. Famous artists turned Carmel mayors include Herbert Heron, Perry Newberry and Clint Eastwood.

The small seaside town has several gorgeous hotels and inns, all within walking distance of the beach.

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Three blocks from the white sand is Normandy Inn, which features French country furnishings paired with gorgeous art depicting Carmel. The Inn is surrounded by beautiful flowers and has a nook for leisurely continental breakfasts.

If you are traveling with pets, you will want to check out the Carmel Country Inn, which considers itself the most pet-friendly establishment in the area. The Inn also offers a breakfast buffet with outside seating. The Normandy Inn and the Carmel Country Inn both offer additional opportunities for socializing and relaxing with afternoon snacks or evening drinks.

If you are looking for a lodging option with a more retro feel that is further from the beach and closer to the central highways, stay at the Carmel Mission Inn. The hotel also has gorgeous views of the mountains.

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Carmel is located on the Pacific coast about 330 miles north of Los Angeles. If your definition of perfect beach town lodging means views of the ocean, look no further than La Playa Carmel. The gorgeous recently renovated mansion was built in 1905 by an artist as a gift to his wife, who was a member of the Ghirardelli family.

The 75-room hotel offers various amazing views, including rooms with ocean outlooks or patio-based rooms with views of La Playa’s award-winning gardens. If you are looking for a lodging option with several dining options, La Playa is up for the challenge, offering a champagne breakfast buffet and a historic bar and lounge that also serves lunch and dinner.

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While staying seaside in some states means a constant demand for air conditioning, Carmel is a breezy town that stays so cool so often that guests only need to open their shutters to cool down.

Additional Carmel lodging options include:

L’Auberge CarmelCarmel Forest Lodge | Carriage House Inn 

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